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            The 10th China International Road Cycling Race "Ride" into Anshun

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            2019 10th China International Road Cycling Tournament · Anshun Stage was held in Xixiu District on September 19th. 118 riders in 22 professional teams from China, the United States, Australia, Malaysia, South Korea and other countries participated in the race.

            After fierce competition, sprint rider Marco Buffalo of Italy Androni Intercontinental Professional Team won the championship and continued to hold the sprint blue shirt. Joseph Legugu of Malaysia Terengganu Intercontinental Team ranked the first of the race and once again owned the yellow T-shirt. Zhang Zheng of China Hengxiang Intercontinental Team got the polka dot T-shirt with outstanding performance at the climbing point. Lu Xianjing of Hengxiang Intercontinental Team got the white T-shirt, symbolizing the highest score in China.

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