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            Brief Introduction of Anshun City

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            Anshun City is situated in the middle of Guizhou Province and adjoining the provincial capital of Guiyang. Being approved by the State Council of China in 2000,it is the youngest prefectural city in Guizhou Province at present. Anshun City has jurisdiction over the Pingba County, Puding County, Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Guanling Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Ziyun Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Xixiu District, the Administrative Committee of Huangguoshu Scenic and Historic Interest Area, and the Anshun Economic and Technological Development Zone. It covers an area of 9,267 square kilometers, and has a population of 2.69 million, among which the minority groups including Buyi, Miao, Hui and Gelao, account for 39% of the total population.

            Anshun  is one  of  the earliest exploited area in the history of Guizhou. A so-called Wuchidao path for carriages was begun to build as early as the Qin Dynasty. The township was founded in the Yan Dynasty. It got its first official name “Anshun Governmental Office”(Adapu originally) during the reign of Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty. The property of its commerce was ranked the first in the Ming and Qing Dynasty. Because of its important strategic position in ancient Guizhou, Anshun has been called “the hinterland of Guizhou, the throat of Yunnan, and the lips and teeth of Sichuan and Guangtong. Wang Ruofei, a forefather revolutionist, was born in Anshun, and his former residence is now a national educational base for patriotism. In the history of Guizhou, the first highway was built in Anshun as well as the first high-grade highway and expressway was also constructed in Anshun. The No.1 Senior School of Anshun City was begun in 1906,with a history of 100-old years.    

            Anshun has abundant background in history and culture. The Chuandong Paleolithic Site in Puding County is reputed as “the civilization light of Asia. The Hongyan Inscription in Guanling County is called one of “ the eight mysterious characters” in China and is an eternal mystery.  The batik of Anshun is known asthe first oriental dye”. The fossil groups of extinct creatures have also been found here, including ichthyosaur fossils and sea lily fossils in Guanling County as well as dinosaur fossils in Pingba County. The Tunpu villages left by the ansesters of the Han nationality still preserve the relic of the Ming Dynasty perfectly. There are more than one hundred of historical and humane views such as the Tiantai Mountain site, ancient buildings, stone inscriptions, and frescoes etc.. Each natural scenery and each humane view with its feature is in good harmony with the cultures of ethnic groups such as Buyi, Miao and so on.                                                              

            Anshun enjoys the reputation of “the beauty of the west of Guizhou”. It is the earliest city approved by the state council of China to be open to the world for touring, and the karst scenic center of the world. In the region, there are 3 state-level scenic spots , namely the Huangguoshu Scenic Spot, the Longgong Cave Scenic Spot and the Getu River Scenic Spot, as well as 28 national-level or province-level scenic spots and key cultural relics, such as the Guanling Paleontologic National Geologic Park, the Jiulong National Forest Park, the Fuajiang Gorge Scenic Spot, the Yelang River Scenic Spot, the Anshun Confucius Temple and the Yunshantun Ancient Buildings etc.. The resources of scenic spot account for 11.8% of the area of the whole city, which is much higher than 1% Of the average level of the whole China, and also higher than 4.2% of average level of Guizhou Province. The karst area in the region takes up about 2/3 of the total area, which makes Anshun one of regions of the most concentrated karst landforms in the world     

            With the average annual temperature of 14.6,  Anshun has a pleasant weather. It is neither too cold in winter nor too hot  in summer, so it’s a ideal place for spending summer holidays. In the region, the maximal altitude is 1850 meters, and the minimal altitude is 365 meters, the feature of three-dimensional climate is obvious and suitable for the propagation of many kinds of animals and plants, so it is a main producing areas for agricultural and animal products, such as high-quality rice, rape, tea, ginger, tung oil tree, tobacco, vegetables, fruits, local famous and fine animals, and a base for producing all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine as well as a supply base of agricultural byproducts for some cities such as Guiyang and Kunming. Located in the watersheds of the Yangtse River and Zhujiang River,Anshun is an important region of the ecological shield project of the Yangtse and Zhujiang River.

            The infrastructure  construction based on traffic and communication is becoming better and approaching perfection day by day. There are the Huangguoshu Airport,Qingzhen-Zhenning Superhighway,Guiyang-HuangguoshuSuperhighway,Guanling-XingrenSuperhighway,Shuicheng-Huangguoshu Superhighway, Guiyang-Kunming railway, Zhuzhou-Liupanshui railway and the Bacao Dock in Zhenning County which is the closest assess to the sea from the capital city of Guiyang. A three-dimensional transportation system including airline, railway, highway and waterway has primarily formed.

            Anshun is abundant in natural resource. It has beautiful mountains and rivers,pleasant climate and industrious people. The people of Anshun warmly welcome you to Anshun for touring, investing and developing.

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