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            Tourism in Anshun City

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            Located in the Midwest of Guizhou Province, 90 kilometers from the capital city Guiyang, Anshun City is a central city on the west travelling route in Guizhou. Known as "the abdomen of Guizhou province, the throat of Yunnan province”, Anshun City is an important commercial city in the main traffic arteries and an important tourism city on the travelling route in Guizhou,

            The traffic in Anshun City is convenient, with Guiyang-Kunming railway running through the whole city, the trains from Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, and Guiyang stop here. Sichun-Guizhou railway and Guizhou-Guangxi railway connect Anshun City with the places outside of Guizhou province through Guiyang City. Guiyang Airport is only 118 kilometers from Anshun City, Huangguoshu Airport is only 6 kilometers from the downtown in Anshun City. The traffic is very convenient from Guiyang City to the scenic spots in Anshun City.

            Anshun City has the most maturae and concentrated karst landforms and the densest and the most typical karst landscapes in the world. The successive mountains contain 1,200 caves, and the crisscrossing rivers form 110 waterfalls. The crisscrossing streams, canyons, peaks, stone forests, forests, lakes, underground rivers, fountains scatter everywhere in Anshun City. There are three national-level scenic spots, three provincial-level scenic spots and a national-level paleon-biological and geological park and one national-level forest park.

            Anshun City is one of the human cradles. It was the center of ancient Yelang Kingdom. It is the area with the most and the densest, and the highest-level scenic spots in the country. It has been the intersection of three major migrations since Han dynasty (206BC-220AD) in history. It has a long history with rich and unique cultural heritages. Cultural relics protection units at national level, provincial level, city level and county level are as many as 119(cultural places).

            Anshun City is an area where a number of nationalities live in mixed communities. Buyi nationality, Miao nationality, Gelao nationality and other nationalities live in this piece of land and multiply, clinging to their primitive ancient and simple cultures and customs.

            Anshun City has a pleasant climate. It is neither too cold in winter, nor too hot in summer. The annual average temperature in Anshun City is 14.6 C, and it is known as the "big natural air conditioner". It is a natural summer and winter resort. The average altitude of Anshun is 1300 meters. In Anshun City, the anion is high, and the radiation is low. The environment here is perfect for human life.

            Peculiar natural landscapes, rich history and culture, colorful ethinic customs display the natural beauty, pristine beauty, image beauty and overall beauty of the tourism resources in Anshun City. The Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Spot and the Longgong Cave Scenic Spot were elected "the most attractive tourism scenic spots in China’s western region" by the People's Daily and other authoritative media. The Huangguoshu Waterfalls Scenic Spot was honored as "the top ten most loved Chinese scenic spots by European tourists ". Anhun City was elected "the Most Beautiful Place in China" by National Geographic Magazine.

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